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Imperiya-Agro is known in Ukraine since 2007 year. During this period of time the company developed from official distributor of world and local producers of seeds and crop protection products - Syngenta, Dupont, Nertus, Monsanto and many others, to producer of high quality products for agricultural purposes under its own brandnames. Analyzing the market of modern agricultural production in general and the particular needs of its customers, company management decided to start new directions that are able to satisfy all the needs of Ukrainian farmers at any stage of the agricultural cycle. In 2016 there were created such new services as Imperiya-Power - the supply of diesel fuel, Imperiya-Techno - selling of new / used agricultural equipment brands and own production, public information and consulting centers, established modern agrochemical laboratory Imperiya-Lab.

2017 will be rather successful for Imperiya-Agro. In January company created feed department called Imperiya-Kombio, started a project for alternative energy Imperiya-Energy and many others.

While working with Imperiya-Agro, each farmer will say definitely: "Finally I can focus only on agricultural production. There is no need to compare the prices of many companies, control logistics, keep in mind lots of contacts, because one company solves all the problems at any stage of production. "

Quality, reliability, professionalism

Professional development and implementation of effective solutions and innovations in agricultural technology.
Improving economic opportunities for farmers by supporting business ideas with agricultural technology intelligence, and in this way supporting progressive development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine.
We work for the benefit of present and future generations.

Principles are integral part of the corporate culture and they are realized with the help of our management system in real.


The main goal of Imperiya- Agro in quality - ensuring absolute compliance with the quality of products and services to customer expectations, requirements and contract specifications and technical documentation


Reliability of "Empire Agro" is its financial stability, good reputation and relationship with partners and customers that the company appreciates and supports


The company "Empire-Agro" has come a long way of development and through comprehensive, thorough and careful approach to all its activities and the professionalism earned the trust of numerous customers


The company aims actual dialogue with employees and customers, which is possible thanks to the sense of time, tracking the news and innovations in the agricultural sector


A new way to use the knowledge tangible and intangible assets. Innovation in "Empire Agro" can be implemented in many forms: it is new products, services, business models, processes or management practices


Professional integrity is a core value for the group of companies "Agro Empire." The reputation that inspires confidence our customers and partners - is the key to success as professionals and the company

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Group of companies `` Empire Ahro`` - the highest level of cooperation!

In Ukraine the last three years the company successfully working with "Empire Agro", we are comfortable with their work, the company has a very good, well-developed network for sales, logistics pretty good. "Why for" Syngents, Limagrain Ukraine "is comfortable?" - one ix reasons is that the company does not conduct direct sales, distribution and only for the farmer clearly easier to get full service directly from the distribution company, including chemicals, fertilizers etc. Thanks to the company "Empire-Agro" Syngents, Limagrain has the opportunity to be closer to the farmers and for this we thank the company.

Kuzmichyov N. - Syngents, Limagrain Ukraine

We cooperate with "Empire Agro" Recently, during which time the company has proved from the best party, preparations meet us. For example, using the company's products "Empire-Agro" with mordant seeds (3l ton Asset Harvest seeds), trace element treated area better looking, though the moisture was not enough, it gave more weight and better root is the plant itself.

Pogrebnoy Nikolai - Agro Victoria Katerynopil

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