Dear Customers!
Toskombbank illegally demands the return of debts to our clients in their favor.
Operating non-existent documents the bank transferred to our mortgage property of more than 300 million hryvnias, while our company, according to the factoring agreement, transferred the debts of the clients of the bank to the amount of 118 million hryvnias, especially since the period of payment of debts under the supply contracts has not yet come.
Also under the factoring contract the bank has no right to seize to real estate clients, as this agreement does not provide for the transfer of property of customers on bail, and the subject is only the right to claim.
We ask all clients whose bank requires a debt in their favor to contact law enforcement agencies and write a corresponding application!

Yours faithfully, the leadership of Imperia-Agro

Comment from Facebook (Andrei Timoshenko)

Many of me ask me what I think about the conflict between the Empire and TASBank. So my opinion is banal theft on the part of the bank. This is an attempt to deliberately bankrupt a large, developing company.
The fact that the company has overdue a loan payment is not deadly. For companies operating in agriculture, this is the most financially loaded period. Take a look and see what amounts go through Ukraine in the section of overdue payments. For the bank it is dust. Everyone agrees. Delays, extensions, overdelivery, etc. But here the bankers saw very easy work. Coefficients of collateral on which subjects receive loans are usually 2-2,5 So that to take 100 UAH you must give in collateral the product which costs 200 UAH. What the bank did. Empire received a loan of 300 million as collateral provided assets in warehouses at 600 million And all. Delay in one day and everything turned out. Realize pledged seeds when the tractor is already in the field will not be any trouble. Especially because in the market in connection with the arrest there was a deficit.
Good scheme? Doubling 300 million a month is not seed on glasses to sell. That's the whole secret of the conflict. And what's written about Reinh Rover, at home, helicopters - this is for perturbed spectators.

Explanation of the conflict with the TAC group

In connection with some of the last unprofitable agreements on the supply of basic fertilizers and other market situations, "Empire-Agro" incurred significant losses and I realized that in the near future it could go bankrupt.For 10 years of company management, one of the main principles of our work was to protect the interests of our clients, so I went to TAS Bank with a request ...

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Imperiya-Agro is known in Ukraine since 2007 year. During this period of time the company developed from official distributor of world and local producers of seeds and crop protection products - Syngenta, Dupont, Nertus, Monsanto and many others, to producer of high quality products for agricultural purposes under its own brandnames. Analyzing the market of modern agricultural production in general and the particular needs of its customers, company management decided to start new directions that are able to satisfy all the needs of Ukrainian farmers at any stage of the agricultural cycle. In 2016 there were created such new services as Imperiya-Power - the supply of diesel fuel, Imperiya-Techno - selling of new / used agricultural equipment brands and own production, public information and consulting centers, established modern agrochemical laboratory Imperiya-Lab.

2017 will be rather successful for Imperiya-Agro. In January company created feed department called Imperiya-Kombio, started a project for alternative energy Imperiya-Energy and many others.

While working with Imperiya-Agro, each farmer will say definitely: "Finally I can focus only on agricultural production. There is no need to compare the prices of many companies, control logistics, keep in mind lots of contacts, because one company solves all the problems at any stage of production. "

Quality, reliability, professionalism

Professional development and implementation of effective solutions and innovations in agricultural technology.
Improving economic opportunities for farmers by supporting business ideas with agricultural technology intelligence, and in this way supporting progressive development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine.
We work for the benefit of present and future generations.

Principles are integral part of the corporate culture and they are realized with the help of our management system in real.


The main goal of Imperiya-Agro in quality is to satisfy clients needs in products and services, customer expectations, requirements, contract specifications and technical documentation.


Reliability of Imperiya-Agro is in its financial stability, good reputation, relationship with partners and customers that our company appreciates and supports.


The company Imperiya-Agro has passed a long way of development through comprehensive, thorough and careful approach to all its activities and high professional level, and in this way built reliable relations with numerous customers.


The company maintain effective dialogue with employees and customers, due to the feeling of time, following the news and innovations in the agricultural sector.


A new way to use knowledge, tangible and intangible assets. Innovations in Imperiya-Agro can be implemented in many forms: it is new products, services, business models, processes or management principles.


Professional honesty is a core value for the group of companies Imperiya Agro. The reputation that inspires confidence to our customers and partners - is the key to success for professionals of our company.

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Group of companies Imperiya-Agro - the highest quality of cooperation!

Last three years our company successfully works with Imperiya Agro, We are satisfied with their work, The company has a very good, well-developed network for sales and logistics. Why is it convenient for company Limagrain Ukraine? One of the reasons is the company doesn't sell directly, only distributing and it is obvious easier for farmer to receive full service from distributing company, especially chemical products, fertilizers and other. Limagrain has the opportunity to be closer to the farmers and we appreciate Imperiya Agro for this chance.

Kuzmichyov N. - Limagrain Ukraine

We cooperate with Imperiya-Agro not so long ago and during this piriod of time the company has proved itself as good business partner and we are satisfied with their products. For example we have used some products of Imperiya-Agro company while pretreating seeds (3 l of Aktiv-Harvest per ton of seeds)/ Seedlings from pretreated seeds look better. Though it was not enough moisture the weight of the roots was bigger and the appearance was better.

Pogrebnoy Nikolai - Agro Victoria Katerynopil